【Andante行板爱乐】【指挥专业】茱莉亚音乐学院The Juilliard School 2018学年申请指南

2017-09-13 22:30


      “在朱莉亚我们无时无刻不享受着高质量古典音乐。与教授Alan Gilbert合作也是十分愉快,我们一周能和他上两次课,他非常忙碌,但总是为我们留出更多时间,所以这一点非常惊人。他也总是非常详尽地给我们关于课程方面的建议,我们也明白了什么是音乐以及作为指挥的意义。”

                                              ---Jane Kim MM 18



Master of Music

Graduate Diploma

Artist Diploma



Alan Gilbert


Adam Glaser





Conducting 面试要求

Pre-Screening Repertoire:

All candidates must submit a professional résumé.

In addition to the résumé, all applicants must submit video recordingsas follows:

Include four to five excerpts showing various musical styles, artistic and technical challenges, and gestural/expressive abilities. Only standard orchestral repertoire, operatic works, and contemporary works are acceptable. Do not include Pops, Jazz, Band, or Broadway repertoire.

Each excerpt should be no more than 5 minutes in length, unedited.

At least one example of both a rehearsal and a performance of the same work should be included.

Videos must be representative of the applicant’s recent work.

The applicant should be clearly visible.


Live Audition Repertoire:

Each applicant must have the following mandatory materials prepared for the auditions. Applicants must bring their own scores to the audition.

Stravinsky Rite of Spring (1947), rehearsal numbers 104–121.

Copland Appalachian Spring, opening to rehearsal number 16 (full orchestra version).

Beethoven Symphony No. 6.

Mozart Symphony No. 39.

Schumann Symphony No. 2.

Dvorak Symphony No. 8.


Audition Procedures

Selected applicants will be invited for a live audition which will include:

All applicants invited to audition must submit an essay addressing the following topics: “Why do you conduct? What do you hope to get out of the conducting program at Juilliard?” Instructions on how to do so will be provided when pre-screening results become available.

Examinations in basic musicianship, dictation, score terminology, languages, repertoire, music history, etc.

A personal interview to determine the applicant’s knowledge of the audition repertoire, his/her ability to play an open score on piano, and to sight-sing. As part of this interview, you will also be asked to perform a short solo piece of your choice on your primary instrument.

At the conclusion of the interview and testing, select applicants who have demonstrated sufficient knowledge in the testing and interview will be invited to appear in front of the Juilliard Orchestra the following day. An additional interview may take place at the conclusion of the orchestra session.

If you are not called back for the conducting rounds, you may reasonably conclude that you are no longer under consideration for the program.